This site is being built to replace the existing, originally created in May 2005, and is currently in a develpoment mode. Both the existing and development sites have been  created and  sponsored entirely by Farmers' Markets in Wales. The original site has had, for many years, the number 1spot for the search terms "Wales Farmers' Markets" and "fresh local produce Wales".  It is a high ranking site in many other search categories and a useful first port of call for the public to get information about markets; where and when they take place, as well as about producers and products.  The original site was ahead of it's time in the early years but the hand written code is now outdated and has been deprecated  (October 2015). The original site is in life support  and there is an urgent need for a complete re- build. The aim is for a much better site (mobile freindly etc.) and one that will be easier to maintain and keep abreast of the ever changing digital world.